SHOUTcast 2 Configuration Builder

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 Transcoder Inherit mode  

SHOUTcast Version 


Installation / Paths 

DNAS (sc_serv[.exe]) base path / folder
Transcoder (sc_trans[.exe]) base path / folder
DNAS configuration file
Re-Write DNAS configuration on exit
Transcoder configuration file
Re-Write Transcoder configuration on exit


Port base
Transcoder admin port
IP / Address of DNAS
Robots.txt File
Source bind address
Listeners bind address
DJ port
DJ SC2 port
DNS lookups


Source Password
Admin password
SC2 login cipher

Broadcasting Details and Stream Metadata 

Stream Title
Stream URL
Primary Stream Genre
Stream AIM
Stream IRC
Stream ICQ
Use metadata
Metadata pattern
Display metadata pattern
DNAS title format
DNAS URL format
DNAS public
Transcoder public

Encoders, Targets, and Endpoints 

Transcoder MP3 unlock name
Transcoder MP3 unlock code
Default authorization hash
Number of endpoints

Listener Behavior 

Maximum listeners
Listener time limit
Disconnect clients on source drop
Ban file
Reserved IP (RIP) file
Reserved IP (RIP) only

Transcoder Content 

Playlist filename
Crossfade time
Crossfade threshold
Priority playlists folder
Playlist archive folder


Auto dump time
DJ capture enable
DJ capture path
DJ file pattern


Calendar file
Enable calendar re-write

Live Capture 

Enable capture device
Capture device name
Capture input name
Capture samplerate
Capture # of channels

Intro / Backup Files 

DNAS intro file
DNAS backup file
DNAS intro / backup file(s) directory
DNAS maximum intro / backup file size
Transcoder backup file
Transcoder intro file

Replay Gain 

Apply Replay Gain
Default Replay Gain
DJ Replay Gain
Capture Replay Gain
Calculate Replay Gain
Replay Gain temp folder
Replay Gain run ahead
Disable Replay Gain writing
Enhance Replay Gain


Enable logging
Log to screen
DNAS log filename
Transcoder log filename
W3C logging
W3C log filename
Client connection logging

DNAS Debugging 

YP1 connection
YP2 connection
SHOUTcast 1 source
SHOUTcast 2 source
SHOUTcast 1 client connection(s)
SHOUTcast 2 client connection(s)
SHOUTcast 1 relay connection(s)
SHOUTcast 2 relay connection(s)
Common relay actions
Stream data actions
HTTP style actions
Thread runner
RTMP client connection(s)
Web client connection(s)

Transcoder Debugging 

SHOUTcast 1 broadcast(s)
SHOUTcast 2 broadcast(s)
Replay Gain
MP3 encoder
MP3 decoder
Replay Gain calculator
Flash policy
File converter
Source relay
Source & endpoint manager

VU Images 

VU image directory
VU image suffix
VU image mimetype

DNAS Administation Page Themeing 

CSS page theme
Favourite icon file
Favourite icon mimetype

Flash Policy / Crossdomain 

DNAS Flash policy file
Transcoder Flash policy file
Transcoder Flash policy port


YP address
YP port
YP path
YP timeout
YP max retries
YP report interval
YP min report interval
Metadata interval


Disable stats?sid=# access
Song history
Max header line size
Max header line count
Buffer type
Adaptive buffer size
Fixed buffer size
Buffer hard limit

Select an option or move your mouse over it to get additional information about that option.

Changes made in the options pane (to the left) appear in the 'Generated Configurations' at the bottom of this page where you can then download the configuration files or copy + paste the configuration settings into a new or existing configuration files.

Settings Backup and Restore

You can download a single settings file that you can restore later if you wish to modify your configuration without having tp reenter everything again. Click the download button to download the single file. This file can then be restored by clicking the browse button, selecting the file, then clicking the restore button.

You need Flash 10 installed and enabled for the downloader to work for Settings backup file

Launcher Files

Below you can 'download' basic console launch files. If the full base path/folder to the installation directories have been correctly entered these files can be saved anywhere as the contents of the files will be updated to include the provided paths in the configuration, otherwise they will need to be saved to their respective installation folders. The contents of these files (and their default file names) are appropriately built to match the the OS/Platform selected.

You need Flash 10 installed and enabled for the downloader to work for DNAS launcher.              You need Flash 10 installed and enabled for the downloader to work for Transcoder launcher.

Reset SHOUTcast Configuration Builder

Only use this if you need to revert the configuration builder back to its default state as any changes you have made since starting will be lost and will need to be re-entered again.


Support / Additional Help / Thanks

For more information, please check the provided documentation and the help provided in the area at the top of this page. If you still have any issues, questions or bugs to report, please visit the SHOUTcast forums at providing as much information as possible for issue or question you have.


Thanks go to thinktink for doing the main coding of this configuration builder to help make it easier to get a SHOUTcast 2 setup up and running.

Generated Configurations

Below are the generated configuration files for sc_serv2 and sc_trans based on what has been entered above. You can 'download' your configurations to a file or select all of the text and then copy + paste it into your text editor, then save it to the filename you want e.g. my_sc_serv.conf. Remember this filename (and the path if not saving into the same location as sc_serv2 or sc_trans) as this is what you then need to pass to sc_serv2 and sc_trans.

You need Flash 10 installed and enabled for the downloader to work for the DNAS configuration file.

    You need Flash 10 installed and enabled for the downloader to work for the Transcoder configuration file

    You need Flash 10 installed and enabled for the downloader to work for the calendar schedule event file.